Solar Home Pack System

Visiontech Automation  provide solar power packs for D.C. lights, mobile phones , D.C. fans etc. Useful in Rural , Small village markets, shops, Village homes, etc for dependable Electricity Supply .

Especially advantageous for places that are not covered by electricity supply and where power cuts are frequent. Solar home lighting systems are basically a combination of Solar Module, Charge Controller, Inverter, Battery, Fan(Wall & Table),LED Tube/Bulb. These systems are specially designed for rural areas where normal electricity power is not readily available.

Solar Fans

Visiontech Automation offers Solar fan which  is an affordable product making an ideal replacement for the electric fans. Its solar panel charges the battery box during day time to give you cool breeze at anytime.

The fans also can work on electric power during monsoon using extra adapter. Now you can save money by using solar energy which is absolutely free.

Since Solar fans prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels, they stays cool and dry. This results in greater comfort, lower utility bills and prolonged roof life.


Solar LED Lantern

Solar Lanterns from Visiontech Automation  are a healthier option for indoor illumination – no kerosene, no smoke and no fumes.
Solar Lanterns specially designed for the rural areas.

Solar Lanterns are source of light powered by solar modules that give much higher light output in comparison with kerosene lanterns. The abundantly available sun light is the fuel used for these solar lanterns, in which adequate safety measures are taken care of.
Available :- 3 watts , 2 watts

No Electric Bill , Short Circuit Protection
Options of charging through both Solar and (AC) Electric power.
Best quality LED for longer duration and reliability.
Sealed maintenance free lead acid battery. Mobile charger facility with multiple plug.
High efficiency Crystalline Solar PV Module.