Andon System

The ever increasing performance requirements and production quality force to introduce solutions enabling

quick response to adverse situations, control of current production, and analysis of these events.

To this end, our system ANDON is designed.

ANDON – full control over the production process.

Andon term comes from the Japanese language and means “light signals”. Andon system is part of the concept of “lean production”.

Our system ANDON enables:

  • Collection and storage of information from production lines
  • Notification of events by employees
  • To recall the services
  • To control the speed of responsiveness
  • Analysis of all the collected information

Optional equipment ANDON system allow for counting production and indicators:

  • Counting of good and bad pieces
  • Determining the effectiveness – OEE
  • Other production parameters

Our system ANDON is characterized by:

  • Reliability, simplicity of construction and assembly
  • Fast modernization
  • The ability to adapt to individual needs
  • Intuitive operation and excellent visualization of eventsand information
  • High ergonomics taken into account at the design stagelability to set up remote access service


Our ANDON system consists of the following elements

  • Bench terminals
  • Information boards (large LED boards)
  • Monitors
  • Software