Safe treatment of water to obtain drinking water involves a technically complex interaction between the source, treatment and water distribution. Reliable interplay between measuring and automation technology in conjunction with a system specific surge protection concept is the prerequisite for high plant availability.

Phoenix Contact has a concept of perfectly coordinated components all the way from the sensor to the control system – Safety for your system!

Reliable transmission of measured values, so that the automation solutions down the line can read them in and process them correspondingly – That is the prerequisite for an ideal water treatment process. FO converters with integrated monitoring of the transmission path, system-compliant surge protection circuits, as well as parameterizable measuring transducers with limit value monitoring guarantee a smooth transmission of operating data. System cabling provides a clear and organized connection between the control technology and the signal conductors.

Phoenix Contact offers seamless system solutions for all applications in serial or parallel signal and data transmission – from process control through to process visualization, from the sensor to the control system. This guarantees maximum system reliability, high system availability and inexpensive automation technology.

Phoenix Contact – Your partner for future-oriented, reliable waste water management. In sewage and waterworks, it is usual to control individual sections with separate PLCs for availability reasons. In the past, proprietary systems were used for networking these controllers. Nowadays, industrial Ethernet is performing this function more and more often. As in the office world, infrastructure components (e.g. switches) are used for networking. The demands placed on these components with regard to availability, immunity to interference, modularity and installation in harsh industrial environments are much higher.

Integrating distributed sites, such as pumping stations, rainwater overflow tanks or reservoir towers is in water management systems a major aspect for a universal approach to the automation solution.